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Monday 3.05 pm

Anita has a rostered day off today so she and Joël go together to pick Saffron up from school. 

Saffron is mortified to see her heavily pregnant mother with her much younger boyfriend waiting for her in the school yard. It is a hot day and and Anita is wearing a dress of very thin gauzy material and no bra. Even worse, she and Joël are holding hands. Saffron just wants to die. 

Joël: Hey Saffy! How was your day? It’s pretty hot, huh? Do you want to go and get ice-cream? 

Saffron is so suffused with embarrassment she cannot speak. How dare you do this to me, she hisses silently at her mother’s back as they walk to the car park. The two of them are still holding hands and making goo-goo eyes at each other. If they kiss she thinks she will vomit.  

  1. simseywimsey said: Can’t wait for a teenage Saffy, she’s gonna be funny XD