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Sonia:  We set the date for the wedding! Hasn’t Roy told you yet? Of course he wants you to be best man. His parents will be in town at the end of next month so they suggested having it then and Roy and I both thought why not, save them coming back for it, and it’ll be a bit of a rush but I don’t care, I cope better if I’m under pressure and anyway if it was left up to Roy we’d just stay engaged for the next twenty years…. 

She talks about the wedding all through the meal, which is simple and delicious. Joël thinks about Anita, wonders what she is doing right now. He doesn’t feel angry any more, he just feels a familiar, bittersweet longing. He realises Sonia is staring at him.

Joël: Sorry, what?   

Sonia: I said, do you think you’ll be bringing your friend to the wedding?

Joël: I’m not really…I mean I haven’t given it any thought…anyway I don’t know that Roy…

Sonia: I’d really like to meet her. Don’t worry about Roy, he’s just concerned that you’re going to get hurt. But I said to him listen hon, Joël’s a grown-up with his own moral compass, he’s old enough to know what he’s doing. Anyway, back to the wedding. I expect Roy will be wanting you to organise a Bachelor Party for him, and as much as I detest the idea I suppose they’re tradition and far be it from me  to try and stand in the way of tradition…but I’m telling you now Joël, if Roy does anything stupid I’m holding you personally responsible. Do you understand? And no strippers. I forbid it. NO STRIPPERS. Are you listening? 

Joël: I believe the politically correct terminology these days is exotic dancers.

Sonia: Strippers, exotic dancers, pole swingers, whatever. I want you to promise me that there won’t be any at Roy’s bachelor party. Give me your word, Joël! 

Joël: Shit, is that the time?

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