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After walking for another hour Brutus is lagging and Joël realises that they are actually not far from Roy’s place- Roy will be at work, doing whatever the hell it is sports agents do, but he wonders if Sonia might be home. She is, sounding surprised to hear his voice when she answers the intercom.

Joël: Hey, Sonia. Brutus and I have been on this crazy long walk and we ‘re feeling a bit dehydrated. Can we come up?

Sonia: Of course you can! You’re so lucky you caught me at home, Joël. I didn’t go to work today because I woke up with a headache and a bad cough and I was scared I’d caught this horrible bug that half the office has come down with. Oh my God, it’s vile, all I do at work is listen to people coughing and sneezing all day, ugh, there should be a law about coming to work in that condition-

She eventually remembers to buzz them in and Joël accepts a drink and listens to her rant about thoughtless people spreading their germs around when they should be home in bed while Brutus hoovers up two huge bowls of water.

Sonia: Wow Brutus, thirsty much? Now Joël, would you like some lunch? I was just making some hamburgers. I’m lucky this cold hasn’t affected my appetite. Or maybe I should count myself unlucky. I really want to lose a few pounds before the wedding-

Joël: Say what?

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