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Joël: I’d tell her to go to hell. I’m not ready to be civil to her yet. I’m still too angry. 

Roy: Jesus Christ. Talk about bearing a grudge- 

Joël: You make it sound like she scratched one of my DVDs or spilled red wine on one of my favourite shirts. She destroyed the life we’d made together. Five years of my life down the toilet. We talked about our wedding, for Christ’s sake. I’m not allowed to be angry about that?

Roy: So what was the go with the drugs?

Joël: What?

Roy: She told me she used to have a bit of a coke habit. 

Joël: A bit of a coke habit. That’s rich. You know how I told you I caught her with a chick and two dudes? One of the dudes was her dealer. She’d probably been banging him for free drugs for months. She neglected to mention that, obviously.

Roy: Ewww. But she reckons she’s clean now. So..

Joël: So what? 

Roy: Nothing. Except I think you have some unresolved issues, dude. That’s all. Anyway, I’ve got to go. Sonia’s making spicy twice-fried chicken for dinner tonight. I’m back in the good books after we signed up for another round of IVF this morning. Not to mention some of the killer moves I treated her to in the sack last night. Ha, I bet Claire’s repertoire’s got nothing on mine. Booyah!

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After their appointment at the IVF clinic, Roy goes back to his office and Sonia meets Claire for lunch. Sonia is feeling jittery. Things have happened in the past 24 hours that she hasn’t had any control over and not having control always unnerves her. Roy’s questions about Claire, his smiling-yet-serious attempt to blackmail her into bed last night, the things he wanted to do to her once he got her into bed and the uncharacteristic effort he’d put into pleasing her..well, it was all quite perplexing. And in the end she’d enjoyed herself immensely, once she’d gotten over her initial squeamishness. That was probably the most unnerving thing of all. She pats her throat and tries to focus on Claire, who wants to know what happened at the clinic.

Sonia: Oh, it wasn’t terribly interesting or exciting. We just talked about our history and what might have gone wrong the first time and then we had a few tests done and we have another appointment next week to discuss our treatment plan. All pretty boring, really..

Claire: What? How can the possibility that you may be on the brink of creating a new life be boring? Sonia, please. Do you know how many childless women would kill to be in your shoes at the moment? Do you know how unaffordable IVF is for the majority of the population? 

Sonia: Yes, I do. Not that you ever fail to remind me-

Claire: Well, it just seems sometimes that you have this sense of entitlement that really..well, it gets on my nerves, to be honest. 

Sonia feels like getting up and leaving but she manages to control herself. She silently counts to ten and eats her dessert while Claire gives a loud series of sighs.

Claire: I’m sorry. I’m just jealous. Sooo jealous. I should be happy for you that you have this opportunity. I’m a horrible person, aren’t I? 

Sonia: Of course you’re not. You’re one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. Oh, who’s that-

She pulls her chirping phone out of her bag and of course it’s Roy. She’s sure she told him she and Claire were having lunch. He’s sent her a picture. She shrieks and claps her hand over her mouth, almost dropping the phone on the flagstones.

Claire: What? What is it?

Sonia: Nothing. It’s just Roy being…Roy. Oh my God. 

Her fingers flutter again to her throat. She glances down at her phone and tries not to giggle. It’s appalling, it really is. Honestly, the man’s obsessed. He’s a sex maniac. He needs help.

Claire: Are you going to show me?

Sonia: Oh no. God, no. It’s Something you definitely would not be interested in seeing. I’ve deleted it anyway. Oh my God…

He’s sent her a text as well, revisiting their previous night’s activities in pornographic detail. He signs off: Say hi to Claire for me.

Claire: Look, I think I’m going to go. 

Sonia: Please don’t be upset with me, sweetie. I’m sorry. I’ll give you a lift back to work-

Claire: I think I’d rather walk. I’ll be fine. Honestly. I’ll see you at the meeting tomorrow night, yeah? 

Sonia shrugs and says okay. She’s got to get back to work as well. Claire’s been touchy ever since she told her she was going through another IVF cycle, and while her resentment is understandable, Sonia doesn’t think she’s being particularly mature. She thinks she’ll just let her be for the moment. She looks down at her phone again. Say hi to Claire for me. He fully knew he was interrupting her lunch. Bastard. She rereads his text and stifles another giggle. He’s incorrigible.

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Joël: So why did you come home early from Appaloosa, anyway?

Roy: I had a fight with Dom. Can we go outside for a cigarette?

Joël: You can. I promised Anita I wasn’t going to smoke anymore.

Roy: Isn’t she asleep? How the hell is she going to know? You’ll probably need one after I tell you this, anyway..

Joël rolls his eyes and follows Roy outside. Roy is almost salivating with anticipation at whatever it is he has to tell him. 

Roy: Your ex Megan turned up. On Saturday night.

Joël: What are you talking about? Where?

Roy: To the campsite. She pretended she was just there to wish Damo happy birthday but the first thing she asked me was where you were. Dude, it was so obvious she only showed up because she thought you were going to be there. The fight I had with Dom was all because she followed me into the bush when I wandered off to take a piss and he must have seen us and thought we were sneaking off for a quickie or something. You know how paranoid he gets when he’s stoned. The whole scene was fucked so I just got the hell out of there after that. And then I walk off the plane and through my front door to find my loving wife being eaten out by her best friend. Dude. It was the trippiest weekend ever. I’m still not convinced Damo didn’t spike my beer-

They are both silent for a while, each absorbed in his own thoughts. Joël gives in and takes one of Roy’s cigarettes.

Joël: What else did Meg say?

Roy: Why do you want to know?

Joël: I just do.

Roy: I told her I wasn’t going to pass on any messages. I’m not into being the middleman. You want to know, you ask her yourself.

Joël blows smoke at the horizon and scratches Brutus’ ears.

Roy: I’ve never been into blondes but she’s pretty, I’ll grant you that. I can see why you and Dom might be attracted to her. It’s those big blue eyes and that nice shiny hair and that nice shiny smile. She looks like she’s just walked out of a shampoo commercial. She’s way too skinny for my taste though. I mean, she looks like she’d snap in two if you took her to Pound Town. But hey, looks can be deceiving. I bet she swallows too, right? Those princessy types always do- 

Joël wonders if Roy would like his left eye to match his right. 

Roy: Stop giving me that look, dude. I’m starting to think maybe Anita had good reason to be reading your emails. Maybe she had a sixth sense about your true feelings towards Megan all along. Not forgetting that she’s a cop and would have a pretty good inbuilt bullshit detector anyway-

Upstairs Anita has heard her name and woken up. The bedroom window is open and she can hear clearly what Roy and Joël are saying. 

Joël: You don’t spend five years loving someone and then expect to be able to suddenly stop having feelings for them. It’s not like you can flick a switch. No matter what they’ve done to you.

Roy: So tell me what you’d say to Megan if she rocked up here right now and told you she’d dumped Dom and wanted you back. What would you say to her?

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JoëlSo what happened on the weekend? What did you mean on the phone when you said you felt ill and horny both at the same time?  

Roy: are not going to believe what I’m about to tell you..  

Ten minutes later Joël has barely tasted his coffee.

Joël: Sonia. I can’t get my head around the fact we’re talking about Sonia. Dude..your wife. SONIA.

Roy: I know.

He tries to hide his smirk behind his coffee mug.

Joël: What the’re happy Sonia’s having an affair? 

Roy: Woah, calling it an affair’s probably a bit extreme. She’s probably just going through a phase. We all know how depressed she’s been lately. If she’d been with a dude then it’d be a whole different story. But I’ve had a bit of time to think about it, and the way things are at the moment, you know, like with me and Crystal and stuff, I think I can live with it. And besides, the fapping material is off the charts. Seriously, dude-

Joël: When I caught Megan it was with a chick. Although there were two dudes in the room as well. I was just..I dunno. Numb at first. Then a minute later something else took over. I just wanted to kill the world. The last thing I felt was horny, for Christ’s sake-

Roy: Funny you should mention Megan. But go on.

Joël: Nah. I don’t really want to go there. It was like the second worst night of my life. After the night my Dad died.  

Roy: Come on. You owe me, dude.  

Joël: I don’t owe you shit. 

Roy: Well that’s charming. I didn’t have to share the traumatic story of my wife’s betrayal with you. But I chose to because you were my best man and you’re supposedly my best bro or some such bullshit, and you won’t even return the favour -

Joël: Traumatic? Yeah, right. You acted more traumatised when you came over here the other week and found one of Brutus’ hairs in your coffee.

Roy: Ugh, that was totally gross. Did you have to bring that up?

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Monday 5.38 pm. 

In which Roy stops off to visit Joël on his way home from work. 

Joël: Nice shiner, dude. So what did you do to piss Sonia off this time?

Roy: It’s not from Sonia. It’s from when I visited the Pony the other night.

Joël: Hey, whatever lights your candle, dude. Although I bet Crystal charges the earth for- 

Roy: Sorry to disappoint you dude, but Crystal didn’t give me a black eye. I got in a fight with one of her customers. Then her meathead boyfriend threw me out. So now I’m probably banned. If that’s the case I’ll  just have to get her to come and service me at my office. If anyone asks I’ll just pretend she’s my new… gymnastic talent. Yeah. What do you reckon? I’ll just get her to turn up wearing one of those hot little leotards…you know, the ones that always look about 2 sizes too small and don’t quite cover the entire arse area .. 

Joël: Service you. What are you, a stud bull? 

Roy: The studliest, dude.

Joël: More like a sick puppy. 

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Pregnancy hormones can be a bitch.

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Sunday 10.06 pm

Roy: So..I never actually asked you what you got up to on the weekend..

Sonia: Not much. Claire came over, we watched a couple of movies..

Roy: Oh, Claire came over, did she? Wow, the two of you seem to have been spending a hell of a lot of time together lately..

Sonia: Well, we have a lot in common. 

Roy: Didn’t you tell me once she’s got a girlfriend?

Sonia: They broke up. Quite a while ago. I’m sure I mentioned it-

Roy: Ah. That’s right. So she’s single?

Sonia: I’m tired, Roy. Can we go to sleep?

Roy: In a minute. So, has Claire ever hit on you? 

Sonia: Oh, for goodness sake, Roy…I should have known where this was heading-

Roy: I don’t know what you’re talking about. And you haven’t answered my question.

Sonia: I refuse to pander to your sexual fantasies, Roy. Goodnight. 

Roy: That night you got drunk and crashed at her place. It’s been tormenting me. Whether you and her..

Sonia: GOODNIGHT, Roy.

Roy: You’re sounding a bit defensive, honey. Is there something you want to tell me, maybe?

Sonia: Yes there is, actually: PLEASE SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP.

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Sunday 6.59 pm

Roy: I want you.

Sonia: Oh, Roy.

Roy: *whispers*

Sonia: Oh, my..oh my that even legal?

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