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Meanwhile at the gym, Roy decides to ring his pregnant wife to find out how she’s feeling. 

Claire: You have got to be kidding me. Don’t answer it! Why are you answering it? 

Sonia: I’m sorry, sweetie. I have to answer it or he’ll get suspicious. Hello? Roy?

Roy: Honey? Where are you? And why do you sound out of breath?

Sonia: Oh, I just popped round to see Claire. And her lift’s broken so I had to walk up four flights of stairs.

Roy: Her lift’s broken. Really.

Sonia: Yes, Roy. Really.

Joël: Dude? You okay?

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Sunday 11.14 am

On Sunday morning Sonia is at home by herself: Roy left home early to play golf with a few of his coworkers, and is then planning to meet Joël at the gym. He was a bit peevish because he was looking forward some sexy time last night, but she ruined it by vomiting almost constantly all evening. Of course now she feels fine. She also feels ravenous. And not just for food. Pregnancy hormones seem to have turned her into some sort of… insatiable sex beast. And then Claire rings. Sonia stares at her phone for a second or two before answering. She wants to savour the little bubble of happiness that rises up in her throat when she sees Claire’s name.

Sonia: Hi, stranger.

Claire: Hey. Can we talk?   

Sonia hasn’t spoken to Claire for weeks, not since telling her the news of her pregnancy over the phone, which resulted in Claire bursting into tears and hanging up on her. Sonia attributed her reaction to jealousy. But now Claire is telling her in a big rush that she wasn’t crying because she was jealous about Sonia’s baby news, she was upset because she knew beyond all doubt that now Sonia would never ever leave Roy. 

Sonia: But I’ve never pretended that I was going to leave Roy- 

Claire: I still always hoped that one day you’d come to your senses. It kills me to realise that you’re always going to be in denial about what could really make you happy. But I love you, Sonia. I don’t care if I have to share you with that bastard. Anything’s better than not having you in my life at all.

Sonia: Oh, Claire. I love you too. I’m so sorry for not calling you-

Claire: That’s okay. If you want to come over, I’d be willing to accept your apology in the form of oral sex. 

Sunday 12.11pm

Claire: I’ve missed you.

Sonia: Really? How much? 

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In which Roy looks contemplative while wearing green socks.

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Decided to give all the elder ladies in my game subtle makeovers..

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Joël: Meg…It’s 2.20 am. What the actual-

Megan: I can hear music. Where are you? Out clubbing? 

Joël: I’m at work. Meg, are you drunk?

Megan: Not much. I just had a shitty night and I felt lonely. Sorry. I’ll hang up-

Joël: Good idea. Bye, Meg. I’ve got to get back to work.

Megan: I just need to apologise for something. As part of my recovery. All you need to do is  listen. Then I’ll hang up, okay? 

Joël: Meg, this is not-

Megan: WAIT. Just listen, Jo. That night I was coked off my tits and I hit you in the face with the chair, when you thought I’d broken your nose. Remember? 

Joël: Vaguely.

Megan: Vaguely?

Joël: I was being sarcastic.

Megan: I really, really need to tell you how sorry I am for what I did that night. 

Joël: It’s alright, Meg. It’s fine. I accept your apology. Now I’ve really got to-

Megan: I understand now why I did it. To try and get a reaction from you. Because you were just acting like you were made of stone or something. I wanted to make you cry. I wanted you to hate me. I wanted to make you feel as bad as I did-

Joël: Right. So is that the reason you let me catch you having a gangbang, too? So you could get a reaction from me?


After calling Constance, Joël drove to Bogaard Overlook, switched off his phone and slept in his car for five hours. He then grabbed something to eat at McDonalds and started his shift at The Grind at 6 pm. It’s now past 2 am and he’s having a meal break and has just turned his phone on for the first time since leaving home. He sighs as he reads the dozen texts from Anita, half of them begging for forgiveness, the other half begging him to call her. There’s a text from Roy asking him if he wants to go to the gym on Sunday afternoon, and another text from Constance assuring him that everything’s okay. There’s also a voicemail from Saffy, wanting to know if Brutus is allowed to have strawberry ice-cream.

He accepts the offer of a cigarette from Matthew, another one of the bartenders, and they go outside to smoke. Matthew confides he has made §280 in tips tonight. 

Joël: Holy hell. I thought I was doing well to have made one fifty.

Matthew: Just between you, me and the lamp post, you could probably make close to three hundred if you showed a bit more cleavage.

Joël: I’m shirtless. How much more cleavage do you want, for Christ’s sake?

Matthew: I wasn’t talking about chest cleavage, dear.

Joël’s phone rings and he answers it to cover his embarrassment. 

Megan: Hi babes! 


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