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Three years earlier~

Megan wouldn’t tell Joël what the problem was over the phone. She just told him to come home as fast as he could. He found her sitting at the table crying. She’d bought a pregnancy kit that morning. Then she’d gone back to the pharmacy and bought three more. They all gave her the same result. As soon as she saw him she stopped crying and started screaming at him that it was all his fault. Technically he supposed she was right. (Although didn’t it take two to tango?) Her modelling career was just starting to take off,  she couldn’t have a baby! Of course they would have lots and lots of babies in the future, just not right now. It was totally the wrong time. It would have been crazy. Career suicide. If Joël had any opinion or feelings, he certainly wasn’t allowed to share them. His only role was to be supportive of Meg’s decision, to be her hand-hold, her emotional crutch. The perfect boyfriend. That was Joël!

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Friday 6.25 am

Joël: What the actual-

Anita: Mmmmff. Wassa- darling? S’ everything okay?

Joël: I just had a bad dream. Go back to sleep, babe.

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Thursday 5.28 pm

Joël has to work at The Grind tonight but he wants to call in sick, he wants to take Anita out to dinner to celebrate, he wants to make love to her all night in front of the fire. He wants to drive around the streets with a loudspeaker attached to the roof of the car proclaiming the fact that they’re having a baby. Anita laughs and kisses him. The sound of her laughing is almost as good as the kissing. It’s been a long time since he saw her so happy.

Anita: Go to work, darling. I promised Saffy I’d help her with her science project tonight, anyway. I’ll make sure I’m here when you get home though. Wearing nothing but an evil grin.

Joël: Oh, man. I’m not going to be able to concentrate on anything tonight.

He can’t stop smiling the entire time he’s working. He’s sure he must look like someone who’s just had a lobotomy and his jaw is actually starting to ache, but he doesn’t care. Then Roy rings him just before midnight. 

Joël: Duuuude! Oh my God, wait till I tell you-

Then his brain switches into gear and he mentally slaps his forehead.

Roy: What?

Joël: Nothing. Sorry dude, I’m at work at the moment and it’s really busy. Can I call you tomorrow? 

Roy: I just wanted to know if you’d heard from Dom. Dude sent me a text saying he’ll be in town at the end of the month. But now I’m more interested in what it was you wanted to tell me-

Joël: Yeah? Sweet. Look dude, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. It’s crazy busy here. 

Roy: You’d better not hang up on me, you piece of shit-

Joël: I can’t hear you, dude. It’s too noisy. Hanging up now-

It’s Thursday night in my game and Joël is currently at work at The Grind, where I was snapping some shots for my next update. Then the amusing tableau above caught my attention. 


Anita: I left work early to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Joël: Yeah? Why? What’s the matter?

Anita: I had some tests done on Monday. I went back today to get the results.

Joël: You didn’t tell me anything about going to the doctor’s on Monday-

Anita: I didn’t want to get your hopes up for nothing.

Joël: What h- oh, Jesus. Are you telling me-

Anita: I’m pregnant, Joël. 

Joël: Are you serious? We’re going to have a baby? I’m going to be a father? 

Anita: Yes, my darling. Are you okay? 

Joël: Oh my God. I’m going to be a father. 

Anita: Please don’t cry. You’ll make me start. 

Joël: I’m okay. This is just the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Oh my God. I can’t believe it. I’m going to be a father

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Thursday 4.30 pm

Joël: Hey, Beautiful. You’re home early. 

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rubberpixels asked: Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sims of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. <3



I’ve really enjoyed doing these. My last subject is going to be Hasani. Thank you Rubberpixels, Mochasims, Mochsimlatte, and pibsims!


Like Caterpillarsims’ Auberon Nightshroud, I always have a great deal of difficulty finding clothes for Hasani. It’s okay in Summer when he is happy (and I’m even more happy) for him to get around shirtless wearing just a pair of shorts and/ or a sarong/lava-lava/pareo- type ensemble, but such garments tend to look ridiculous in winter. A shout-out to Jilltheripper who has always been instrumental in scouting for new and wonderful outfits for Hasani!

When Maya (Mireille’s older sister) first dragged Hasani back to Bridgeport from Al Simhara, everybody was very sceptical. But now their son Azam is a teenager (gasp!) and their love is as strong as ever. Their romance has definitely been one of the highlights of my Sims 3 experience. Playing their household and seeing their loved-up autonomous interactions never fails to warm my heart.

As a self-confessed control freak and micro-manager, it still bothers me that Hasani’s daughter Nephthys just disappeared one day. I had to pretend that she went back to Al Simhara to live with relatives but in reality one day she was there, the next she was not. Where did she go? I still wonder. Will she turn up one day working at The Pink Pony? Who knows? 

Hasani’s lifetime wish is to have the perfect private aquarium. He has the fish, I just need to find room for him to display them all. The house full to the brim, especially now that Mireille and Sybilla have moved back in. And his father Sekmet is still sleeping in a tent on the lawn.

Hasani is a neat-freak and loves housework. After from making love to Maya and fishing, housework is probably his third favourite activity. Nothing makes him happier than emptying the lint filter in the clothes dryer!

Tuesday 10.30 pm

Today Sonia went back to the Clinic for the egg transfer. It wasn’t as painful or traumatic as the egg retrieval, and after lying down in a pleasant waiting room for a few hours reading magazines she was allowed to go home. 

Now she and Roy have to wait two weeks to see if pregnancy ‘occurs’.

Roy: So when can we…you know. 

Sonia: It’s not permitted, Roy. My God. Is that all you ever think about? 

Roy: What do you mean, it’s not permitted? Who said that? I asked the doctor the last time we were there and she said it was perfectly fine-

Sonia: You asked one of the doctors? Oh, Roy. You are just…unbelievable. You couldn’t ask them any intelligent questions about any of the procedures, could you. Oh no. All you want to know is when it’s okay for us to have sex. It’s- it’s so embarrassing. You’re an embarrassment, Roy.

Roy: Why am I an embarrassment just for having a normal, healthy sex drive? Huh? 

Sonia: Not only that, you’re so- insensitive. You know how queasy those injections make me feel. You know I don’t feel attractive when I’ve put on so much weight-

Roy: I do know. Of course I know all that. Jesus. How could I not know that when you never fail to remind me twenty times a day-

Sonia: Anyway, you should be thanking your lucky stars that I even let you back in the house after all your transgressions. Any other man’s wife would have thrown your stuff out on the footpath and filed for divorce so fast your head would still be spinning. Anyway, I’ve got a headache. I’m going to bed. You can sleep in the spare room-

Roy: No.

Sonia: Pardon?

Roy: I’m not sleeping in the spare room. You can if you like. Or, and this is pretty kinky, we could actually share the same bed. I know, I know. I’m such a sick, dirty, disgusting pervert- 

Sonia: Fine, Roy. That’s fine. I’m too tired to argue. But you’d better keep your hands to yourself, that’s all. 

Roy: What about if I wake up in the middle of the night and need a hug? 

Sonia: Oh, spare me, Roy-

Roy: Can we hug now then, so I can get it out of my system? It’s been such a long time since I’ve held you-

Sonia: Roy, I- God. Please don’t stare into my eyes like that-

Roy: You. Are. So. Goddamn. Sexy.

Sonia: Oh, crap.

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