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Tyler: What the f-? Who’d be ringing you at this time of night?

Megan: I’m not going to answer it. For God’s sake, Tyler, don’t worry about it. Just keep going-

Tyler: Lucky it’s stopped. Or I was going to throw the bloody thing out the bloody window. I hate mobile phones. Even more than I hate condoms. Have I mentioned how much I hate condoms? It’s like getting your back scratched while you’re wearing a ski jacket.

Megan: Are you going to shut up? You’re ruining my concentration-

Tyler: Yeah, right. I’m ruining your concentration. It’s nothing to with the half a kilo of white powder you just inhaled. Or the dozen beers-

Megan: I did two lines and had three beers, Tyler. Stop exaggerating. You know I’m trying to stay clean-

Tyler: Yeah, and I’m trying to stay a virgin. Ha ha. You want to spark up that roach?

After Constance has gone home, Joël locks himself in his study. 

Joël: Aaaarghhhhh….

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Neither of them says a word in the car. Joël has descended into a sulk and Anita is rigid with humiliation. After they arrive home Anita ignores Constance and goes straight upstairs. 

Constance: I wasn’t expecting you back so early. Did you have an enjoyable evening?

Joël: The movie was so-so, dinner was great, and the rest of the the night was a complete disaster. What about you?

Constance: Oh dear. Everything here was fine. Jared was an absolute angel. He’s due for another feed in an hour and a half.

Joël: I may as well stay awake and do it. I doubt I’ll be getting much sleep, anyway.

Constance: Oh. Well, you should try. The importance of sleep can never be over-rated. 

Joël: There’s other things I’d prefer to be doing in bed, but yeah. You’re probably right.



Anita is the happiest and most relaxed Joël has seen her in weeks. He feels like they’re falling in love with each other all over again. They have one more drink and go up to their room, giggling and groping each other in the corridor. The layout and the cheap and kitsch motel decor and furnishings in this room are similar to the room they had before. One difference is the big mirror facing them when they walk in. 

Joël: Bow chicka wow wow-

Anita: Can we turn the lights off?

Joël: What? 

He feels her shoulders tense. He takes a step backwards and turns away from the mirror so she can’t see his face. 

Anita: You’re angry.

Joël: No. 

Anita: Yes you are. You’re such a bad liar.

Joël: Alright, I’m a bit disappointed. But if you don’t feel comfortable with the lights on then we won’t have the lights on. If you’re happy then I’m happy, okay? I’m cool. Honestly babe, it’s no drama. I’m just going to sit here and wait for you and you do whatever you need to do, okay?  

Anita: Okay.

Once all the lights are off she starts undressing. He can just make her out in the gloom, bending down to unfasten her shoes. Then he hears a loud tearing sound. Then Anita cursing. Then Anita crying.

Joël: Shit. Babe! What happened? What’s the matter? 

Anita: I’m so fat my dress ripped when I bent over. MY FUCKING DRESS RIPPED, JOËL! 

He turns on the bedside light and she is standing there sobbing with anger.

Anita: Everything’s ruined. I want to go home. Take me home, Joël. NOW


We’ve been driving forever. When are we going to get there?

Joël: If you don’t keep quiet I’m going to have to spank you.

Anita: Promises, promises…oh, Joël! It’s the hotel where we first…

Joël: So you remember this place?

Anita: Don’t tease me, darling, I’m too emotional. Oh my gosh-

Joël has booked a room, hoping that they can recreate the fevered excitement of the first night they ever spent together. They have a drink together in the faded downstairs bar, just as they did the first time they came here.

Joël: Before you say anything, I asked Constance to stay overnight. So we can stay as long as we like. Or as little. But I’d like to stay a few hours, at least. Just to refresh my memory about certain details of our first visit. Like did we do it in the bathroom first, or was it on the kitchen benchtop? I’m a bit confused. It was all just a frenzy of trying to get each others’ clothes off-  

Anita: Wasn’t it up against the wall? I’m pretty sure it was up against the wall. And you got really excited when you saw my handcuffs.

Joël: Jesus Christ. I nearly got too excited. I had to start calculating square roots.

Anita: What?

Joël: It’s my trick for not blowing my load too early. 

Anita: So I’m just lying back enjoying myself while you’re doing advanced math? Oh my poor darling. That’s terrible. And hilarious. And it must be really…hard?

Joël: Oh yeah. It’s really, really, really hard.

Prue kinda inspired me to do something really crazy yesterday…


She said now that I’ve got 1000 followers, I have to run naked up and down the dashboard…


So I did.


This is so awesome! (I’m rubbing my hands with glee imagining what you can do when you reach 2000 followers…) 

Anita: So about working off that cheesecake-

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After seeing a pleasant romantic comedy at the cinema in the afternoon, Joël takes Anita to dinner at the Blooming Cactus Bistro at Bogaart Overlook. They dine on crispy skinned salmon with asparagus and chargrilled rib-eye steak, and watch the sun melt into the hills behind chiffon ribbons of pink and orange. Joël has placed a ban on them talking about Jared for the evening, because as adorable as he is, lately he constitutes 98% of their conversation. Then Anita pulls out her phone. 

Joël: What are you doing?

Anita: I was just going to ring Constance to find out how- 

Joël: If there’s anything wrong she’ll ring us. Put the phone away.

Anita: But-

Joël: No buts. She’s a qualified nurse, for God’s sake. Now, what are you having for dessert? And don’t just say coffee. What about the Baked Mascarpone Cheesecake with Drunken Figs and Toasted Almonds?

Anita: Oh my God, darling. Just thinking about it’s made me put on ten pounds. I’m supposed to be on a diet, remember?

Joël: You should order it. Trust me. You’re going to be working off every single calorie a bit later on. 

Anita: Wha- oh my God. Well. Okay. Can I get two?

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