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Sunday 6.28 pm

Sonia: So. Are you going to tell me how you got the black eye, or am I going to have to guess?

Roy: It’s nothing. I had a bit of a drunken scuffle with Dom, that’s all.

Sonia: Oh for goodness sake, Roy. I can’t even trust you to go away for a weekend with your oldest friends without getting involved in some childish altercation-

Roy: You can’t trust me. Ha.

Sonia: I’m sorry?

Roy: Don’t worry about it. 

Sonia: Are you alright? You’ve hardly touched your prawns. 

Roy: I’m not very hungry. I think I’ll go to bed.

Sonia: Well, maybe it’s a good idea if you get some sleep. I’ve booked us an appointment with the IVF clinic tomorrow morning at 11.30-

Roy: I didn’t say anything about going to sleep. You’re going to come to bed with me. And we’re going to do all the things we used to do each other when we were dating. And a lot more besides. Okay, honey?

Sonia: Roy, what on earth has gotten-

Roy: Or I’m not going to the clinic. Your choice.

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Sunday 2.45 am


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Roy: Dude? Have you ever felt violently ill and violently horny both at the same time?

Joël: Dude? Where are you?

Roy: In my garage. I’m going to go see Crystal.

Joël: Wait, you’re at home? I thought you were staying in Appaloosa till Sunday afternoon?

Roy: You and Sonia both.

Joël: Dude, talk to me. What’s happened?

Roy: I can’t at the moment. I’ll fill you in later. Maybe.

Joël: Dude? Wait. Dude?

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Roy manages to sleep most of the flight, and there isn’t much of a wait for a taxi. He’s inserting his keys in the front door at 1.55 am. Very quietly, so as to not wake Sonia. He treads stealthily down the corridor, wondering where Rogue is. Probably snuggling with Sonia. On his side of the bed. Yeah, that’d be right. While the cat’s away…   

He pushes open the door to the living area and wonders whether he can be bothered making a sandwich. Then he hears it, a noise that he immediately recognises but can’t process because it’s so out of context. He stands there barely breathing. As the sounds intensify a numbness starts to crawl over his skin…within seconds his whole body is numb, he’s amazed his legs can still support him. He doesn’t really know how he makes it up the stairs. But he can see them now. They haven’t seen him, they probably wouldn’t notice if the building was on fire. But Roy cannot actually trust his eyes. There’s no way he can be seeing what he’s seeing. Somehow he must still be back at the campsite and this is all a hallucination, that bastard Damo has dropped acid in his beer or something. There can be no other possible explanation.


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As his taxi winds its way through Appaloosa Plains’ deserted streets to the airport, Roy considers telling the driver to take a detour to his parents’ house. But it’s half past eleven and they will probably be asleep, and grumpy at being woken up, and he can’t handle the thought of them interrogating him at the breakfast table as to why he and Sonia haven’t given them grandkids yet. So he lets the taxi driver continue on his way. He is checking flights on his phone and finds a seat available on a red-eye that will arrive in Bridgeport at 1.20 am. If he can quickly find a taxi he should be home before 2 am. After his encounter with Megan he feels a surge of affection for Sonia and her trustworthiness…you could say what you liked about her other less attractive traits, but at least he can rely on her never to touch drugs, or try and steal a glimpse of another guy’s cock. He has a fit of the giggles at the thought and has to pretend to be coughing when the taxi driver frowns at him in the rear-vision mirror.


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The long and physically demanding day combined with the effects of pot and alcohol has meant that Damo, Dom and Brad have all passed out by 10 pm. Roy has just stuck to the beer, still mindful of his sperm count and all the magazine articles Sonia has forced him to read about the detrimental effects of marijuana on sperm motility and seminal fluid, but he’s thinking longingly of crawling into his tent and falling asleep. That is if Megan wasn’t determined to talk his ear off all night. She wants him to tell Joël to ring or email her. She can’t complete her ‘recovery’ unless she and Joël have ‘closure’. Her counsellors have all told her the same thing.

Roy: What counsellors?

Megan: I had to go to rehab after Joël and I broke up. My agency sort of insisted on it. I had a bit of a coke problem. But that’s all behind me now. I’ve been clean for over ten months.

Roy digests this information. Some of his football players have had drug abuse issues, and he’s pretty sure that most if not all treatment programs advocate total abstinence from all mind-altering substances, including alcohol. He looks at Megan’s beer and raises his eyebrows. 

Megan: Hey, a girl’s allowed to have one vice, right?

Roy: You only have one? You’re doing better than me.

Megan: Ha ha! So are you going to tell him to contact me? Please, Roy? 

Roy: I don’t think I should get involved. Besides, I don’t trust your motives.

Megan: What do you mean? 

Roy: You know exactly what I mean. Anyway, I’m exhausted. I think I’m going to go to sleep-

Megan pouts becomingly in the firelight. He climbs to his feet and staggers off into the darkness to urinate. He yelps when he realises she’s standing right behind him.

Megan: Wow. That’s impressive. 

Roy: Jesus, you nearly gave me a heart attack.

Megan: So…all of a sudden I’m wondering what your other vices are. Are you going to tell me? 

Roy: I could, but then I’d have to kill you.

Megan: You’re so funny, Roy. And cute. I really wish-

She suddenly shrieks “DOM!!” and Roy ducks just in time. Dom is panting and looking crazy-eyed and sweaty. 

Dom: What the hell are you doing all the way out here with my girl? 

Roy: Oh, for-

Megan: Don’t be ridiculous, Dom. You know how paranoid you  get when you’ve been smoking. Let’s just calm down and-


He throws another wild punch which glances off Roy’s shoulder. It’s just painful enough to make Roy’s blood temperature rise by a few good degrees. His fist connects with Dom’s stomach and Dom crumples to the ground. Right where he pissed a few minutes ago.  

Roy: You know what? I’m quitting this crazy scene and going back home. Screw the lot of you.

Megan: It was great to finally meet you, Roy!


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Saturday 6.30 pm

Roy, Damo, Brad and Dom have returned to the campsite sore but still charged with adrenaline after their fun and adventure-packed day rafting down the Appaloosa Rapids and hang-gliding off Cinnamon Crest..tomorrow they will go bungee jumping and then take a canoe trip across the lake to check out some famous fishing spots. Damo has just refilled the keg after putting together a mediocre dinner of hot dogs and under-cooked potatoes when he lets out a volley of expletives and turns to Dom.

Damo: What the hell did I tell you, man? What are you trying to do? Ruin my birthday?

Dom: What? What are you talking about? Oh, crap-

They follow Damo’s gaze and now they’ve all noticed the slender blonde girl making her way carefully across the uneven ground towards them. 

Roy: Phwoar. Who’s that?

Brad: That’s Megan. I thought you’d met her before?

Roy: Nope. Never.

Damo: I told you, no chicks allowed! What the fuck is she doing here, man? Tell her to piss off home -

Brad: Hey, chill, Damo. 

Dom: I swear to God, I didn’t know she was going to turn up. I dunno what she’s even doing here. I’ll get rid of her, okay? Now shut up. Hey, baby-

Megan: Hi, boys! Oh babes, I missed you so much-

She and Dom embrace and kiss deeply and noisily while Damo pretends to thrust his fingers down his throat and Brad tries not to laugh. Roy is intrigued. He has seen photos of Megan but he was not expecting her to have such a porcelein delicacy. She looks so fragile. Her big blue eyes and pale skin only add to her doll-like appearance. After she’s extricated herself from Dom she turns to Damo with a smile and pulls a bag of weed out of her jeans pocket. 

Megan: Happy birthday, Damo darling. Sorry for crashing your party. I won’t stay long. But I only wanted to bring you a present. Forgive me?

Damo mutters thank you and gives her a hug. After a few minutes of small-talk she turns her attention to Roy. Damo and Dom have disappeared into one of the tents to mull up and Brad has wandered off to take a phone call. 

Megan: Roy!!!! Oh my God, finally! I can’t believe we’ve never met before!

Roy: I know, right? 

He sips his beer and waits.

Megan: So um, where’s Joël?

Roy: He didn’t come. His girlfriend might go into labour at any time, he couldn’t get time off work, blah blah blah… you know what a Goddamn choir boy he is sometimes..

Megan: Ha ha. Wow, so he’s going to be a Daddy that soon? Awww. I’m so happy for him!

Oh, I’m sure you are, thinks Roy.

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Saturday 5.57 pm

Claire: Why can’t we live like this forever and forever?

Sonia: Because I’m a married woman. I’m a fantasy, Claire. You’ve told me that yourself. 

Claire: If you ever wanted to be unmarried and come and live with me, I’d be willing to try and make the fantasy a reality. I totally would. I’m just putting that out there. I know it’ll never happen, but still-

Sonia: Okay. Now watch the movie. This is the bit where Dil tells Fergus-

Claire: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to nag you. I know I can’t offer you the financial security and the trendy apartment and the nice car and the designer clothes and the IVF treatment that Roy can. I know that-

Sonia: You provide me with a lot more than that, sweetie. 

Claire: But you’ll never leave him for me, all the same.

Sonia: Claire, just be quiet and kiss me. Please don’t ruin our weekend together. 

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