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Roy: I always knew it was only a matter of time before we got pregnant, Dad. I mean, how could a marriage with as much love, trust and commitment as Sonia’s and mine not produce a baby? Seriously.

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I couldn’t resist posting these out-takes. I was having way too much fun taking pics of Roy and Sonia slow-dancing…until Sonia trod on Roy’s foot. Way to kill the mood, Sonia! 

Roy: I’ll…I’ll be fine, it’s just a f-flesh wound…

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When Roy gets home from work that evening Sonia is on the phone. He can tell by her posture and by her tone of voice that she’s talking to Claire. She hangs up as soon as she notices him. 

Roy: Hi honey! Who was that?

Sonia hesitates just a fraction of a second.

Sonia: Claire. You’re home early. I haven’t started dinner yet-

Roy: Did you tell her?

Sonia: Yes, I told her. I’m not telling anyone else though. Not until the three months is up-   

Roy: That’s okay. I’m glad you told Claire. To tell the truth, I really, really wanted Claire to know that your virile-as-fuck, super-sperm-producing studmuffin husband impregnated you. So, tell me. What was her reaction? 

Sonia: She…it doesn’t matter. Roy, I’m finding your language and the entire tone of this conversation a bit…unsettling. 

Roy: What do you mean? I found out today my boys can swim after all and I’m not allowed to be a little bit…boastful? Cut me some slack, hon. All day there’s been this voice in the back of my head yelling “Fuck yeah, I’m the man!” What about you put dinner on hold and I try and make you even pregnanter?

Sonia can’t help giggling as he takes her by the hand and twirls her around.

He doesn’t mention the other voice in his head, the one that’s been jeering at Claire all day: Game over, bitch.

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Knowing she’s pregnant makes Sonia feel elated, shocked, and terrified. 

Roy feels a lot of those things too, but mostly he feels studly as hell.

The Director of the IVF clinic, Dr. Sutton, welcomes Sonia and Roy like old friends and ushers them into her elegant, sun-filled office. She smiles at them with crinkly blue eyes magnified behind black-rimmed glasses, and there’s no doubt in Roy’s mind that she’s already creaming her panties at the thought of the §12 000 cheque that she’ll be extracting from him before their appointment is over. Sonia smiles weakly and knots her fingers together in her lap. 

Dr. Sutton: Sonia and Roy! It’s always lovely to see you. How are you both? Haven’t we been enjoying the most wonderful Indian summer this year? 

She continues to make small talk while she scrolls down her computer screen. Then she leans back in her chair and smiles at them again in turn.  

Dr. Sutton: Your test results have all come back. Sonia? One of yours was very interesting indeed. I’d like to do another blood-test, if that’s okay with you-

Sonia: Really? Well, that’s fine, of course. Do all the tests you want. But are you saying there’s something wrong with me? We always thought it was Roy’s sperm that was the problem-

Dr. Sutton: Actually, there doesn’t seem to be any problem with either of you. 

Roy: Dr. Sutton, I’m not sure we follow-

Dr. Ward: Sonia’s test results indicate that she’s pregnant. 

Sonia: I’m sorry? What

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Megan hasn’t told either Claudia nor Nicole about the gigantic Teddy Bear she bought for Joël’s baby. She’s afraid they would think her intentions weren’t honourable. With postage it cost her over §500 but she’s thrilled her investment is already paying dividends. What causes her palpitations nearly as much as Joël giving her his phone number is  knowing that he still remembers her number. She finds a deserted room downstairs and  punches his number into her phone with fingers that feel like they have turned to jelly. She sinks down onto a white wicker chair because she thinks being seated might be a good idea. But as soon as he answers she has to jump to her feet, like she’s received an electric shock.

Joël: Meg?

Megan: Joël. Oh my God. I- oh my God. I can’t..oh, God. I’m sorry, I just- 

She exhales several times. In a vacant lot near the Bridgeport foreshore, Joël is struggling to convince himself that he hasn’t just made one of the biggest mistakes of his life. 

Joël: Listen, Meg. I’m not ringing for any other reason except to tell you to leave me and Anita alone, okay? We don’t want -

Megan: Did you get my teddy bear?

Joël: No. Yes. I mean, we didn’t open it. I’ve sent it back to you. Anita was really angry and I-

Megan: I didn’t mean it as anything but a goodwill gesture, Jo. Why would she get angry? I’m sorry. If I’d known it would cause a problem I wouldn’t have sent it. But I was so excited when I found out about your baby. Especially after…

Joël: Please don’t bring that up now. Just don’t.

Megan: Well, I feel I have to. Because I’ve never had the opportunity to tell you properly how sorry I am. For everything I ever did to hurt you. The guilt never goes away, Jo. I need to know you’ve forgiven me. Have you?

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Roy has just picked up Sonia from her office to take her to their next appointment at the IVF clinic.

Sonia: So what was that weird text you sent me this morning all about?

Roy: It was actually a sext, honey. 

Sonia: Really? Well, how was I supposed to know that?

Roy: Oh, for Chr- read it to me.

Sonia: “If you were with me right now what would you like to be doing?”

Roy: You were not supposed to reply ‘Yelling at you’. You were supposed to text me back something horny. 

Sonia: Roy, you forgot to put the bins out last night. Also, I went to the toilet in the middle of the night and you hadn’t put the seat down-

Roy: Jesus Christ. How the hell did I not see that one coming.

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